About KidSay


About Us

Bob Reynolds’ vision of a new dynamic in kid research came to fruition when he founded KidSay in 1993. Using 13 years of experience working with schools/the education system, Bob realized he was uniquely positioned to help the corporate and school communities establish mutually beneficial relationships.

Through KidSay’s network of schools and youth organizations throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico, companies have a way to speak to kids on their turf. This unique infrastructure and research approach provides information that is fresh, accurate, and reliable.

Today, many of the world’s leading kid-focused companies (including food, beverage, entertainment, toys/games, clothing, ad agencies, health & beauty, etc.) have recognized KidSay’s unique quality. Currently, KidSay meets their needs by providing cutting edge qualitative and quantitative research.

Who We Are

KidSay, a leader in educational research for more than 20 years, participates with schools nationwide to positively impact kids while providing schools with extra resources to make the educational experience more rewarding.

What We Do

KidSay works with many of America’s leading companies and government agencies like the Ad Council to help them better understand kids and find better ways to communicate/impact kids and their parents.

Some of the issues taken on include math, science, health/nutrition (foods & beverages), energy conservation, child safety, etc.